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 Foreign Policy

Being the first Arab country that got its full independence in 1946, Syria supported the Arab countries under the occupation to get their independence.

Syria is one of the original Members to the United Nations, which, having participated in the United Nations Conference on International Organization at San Francisco 26 June 1945.

Syrian foreign policy has always been supportive to the international legitimacy.  The peaceful means to dissolve the international conflicts was one of the pillars of the Syrian foreign policy.

Liberating the Golan Heights from the Israeli occupation and launching the peace process on the basis of the Security Council 242 and 338 and the other related resolutions are the main tasks of the Syrian foreign policy.  Driven by the desire of international cooperation, Syria is actively participating in international organizations.

Syrian- Israeli conflict :
Occupied Golan

The Zionism's greediness in the Golan precedes the foundation of Israel in 1948.
Israel Launched in June 1967 another aggressive war against Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian forces, occupying illegally more Arab land then what was already under her domination (The Golan, Sinai, West Bank and Gaza ) The Occupied Golan makes up 1% of the total area of Syria, about 1860 km2.

On 14 December 1981, the Israeli Knesset ratified the decision taken by Rabin's extremist racist government to annex the Golan Occupied to the Israeli territory.

The following is the text of the Annexation Decision:
The Israeli State Law, its jurisdiction and administration shall be applied to the Occupied Golan.
This Law shall be implemented immediately upon being ratified by the Knesset.
The Interior Minister is required to implement this Law.

The Security Council unanimously adopted the Resolution No. 497 early on 17 December 1981  Which decided that the decision, taken by Israel, to impose its laws, legislations, administrative regulations on the occupied Golan is null and void, and of no legal effect on the international level.

There are two resolutions on the occupied Golan Heights presented annually to the general assembly; one is based on the General Assembly resolution No. 242 dated on 22 November 1967 regarding the Israeli violations of human rights of the Arabs in the occupied territories, and the other is the Syrian Golan based on Security Council Resolution 497 dated on 17 December 1981.which deals the situation in the Golan heights, the peace process and the necessity of the Israeli withdrawal up to the borders of 5th of June1967.


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